What is OPEN SET?   

OPEN SET is a hygiene-tech risk mitigation system providing critical automated data to assist in the safe running of a production set in the Post COVID-19 world. At its core, the technology provides real-time spatial distance data for the COVID Safety Manager to be able to more accurately monitor the relative distances between cast & crew members.

How does OPEN SET work to keep people safe from contracting COVID-19? 

Each member of the cast & crew who elect to opt-in to OPEN SET is given an OPEN SET Device -- either an iPhone 11 running an OPEN SET Application or a OPEN SET Wristband with a unique Device ID. Each Device ID is associated with a corresponding cast or crew member’s identity through the duration of the production.

Monitoring Physical Distancing.  OPEN SET provides real-time alerts to the COVID Safety Manager in the event someone comes too close to another person for an inappropriate amount of time. With customizable incident alerts triggered at specific distance thresholds (6-12ft by default), people on set and COVID Safety Managers can improve physical distancing.

Contact tracing.  OPEN SET provides critical contact tracing information in the event someone tests positive for COVID and/or experiences a concerning exposure. In either event, data can be offloaded from this individual’s OPEN SET device only with their approval. This allows the COVID Safety Manager to see proximity incidents that cast/crew members may have been involved. Covid Safety Managers now possess an additional set of data and information to best respond to the exposure risk.

Why is OPEN SET technology better than what COVID Safety managers are doing right now?

Currently, the only way COVID Safety Managers can monitor the physical flow on a production set is by visually identifying armbands, ID badges, color-coded baseball hats - all to assist the Covid Safety Manager in insuring cast & crew are staying within the physical parameters of their Zone identification. And for Contact Tracing in film/TV, production relies primarily on an analog collection of a person’s movements and the Covid Safety Manager’s visual tracking during a production day. OPEN SET replaces this by collecting data through the OPEN SET Application and devices to support improved physical distancing and contact tracing.

What information do the OPEN SET Application on iPhone 11s and Wristbands monitor?

OPEN SET Devices (iPhone 11s and Wristbands) use a special distance-measuring chip (U1 on iPhone 11 and Decawave 1000s on Wristbands) to compute relative distances between people extremely accurately (to within 10-30cm). OPEN SET Devices broadcast an 8 character DeviceID over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that is transmitted in the same range as other Bluetooth devices (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). OPEN SET servers hold the mapping between these persistent DeviceIDs and a person’s identity. Productions wishing to limit personally identifiable information held on OPEN servers, may limit “identity” to a set member IDs known only to health safety managers. While this may limit the OPEN application usability by showing ID 8936 instead of “Mary”, this may be preferred for privacy reasons and is up to production leads during setup. When two OPEN SET users come into direct line of sight of one another (within 18ft), they each record the amount of time they spend in one of three bands (0-6ft, 6-12ft, 12-18ft) on the device. On the iPhone 11 (not the wristband), users may opt-in to supply their name and picture, which may be sent to servers.  

What data is NOT being collected by the OPEN SET Application and/or Wristband?

Neither the iPhone 11 OPEN SET application nor the OPEN Wristband is collecting information about the precise location of anyone on set, monitoring any symptoms, or any infection status or any health data.  

Can users use their own iPhones?  Why does OPEN SET require iPhone 11?

The OPEN SET iPhone application uses the bleeding edge technology. Distance measurements require an iPhone 11 (or higher) because these are the only model of iPhone that have the U1 chip necessary for taking distance measurements.  Also, our app takes advantage of iOS 14’s brand new NearbyInteraction API. iOS 14 is not yet generally available, as it is still in Beta, so we advise against individuals using their own devices to run the OPEN SET app. Lastly, this API requires that the application remain in the foreground in order to collect the distance information.  This essentially requires that the OPEN SET application be the only application in the foreground of the iPhone 11 collecting distance data at all times, which is not generally possible if a user were to use their own iPhone/iPhone11.

Where does the data collected by the OPEN SET Devices go?

All collected data stays solely on the device until one of the following events happens: 

(1) a physical distancing incident is detected. By default, an incident occurs when someone breaches a 6ft or 12ft threshold perimeter; (This is configurable). Upon detecting an incident, a push notification is sent to both users involved in the incident and the health safety administrators; the incident is sent to the server to support push notification sending and reduce physical distancing incidents on set. 

(2) a health safety administrator performs a contact tracing request in response to positive infection test results or symptomatic behavior and the user responds “Yes” to a contact tracing request. In this situation, the device sends the DeviceIDs and aggregate tallies of the amount of time spent with other DeviceIDs within the 3 key bands (0-6ft, 6-12ft, 12-18ft) to the OPEN Servers.

Who owns the collected data on the iPhone 11s?

As noted before, users may share data collected by their device upon any incident or contact tracing request.  This data belongs to the production for the duration of the production and for up to 30 days after the conclusion of the production.

Who can view the collected data on the OPEN Servers?

1. Health safety administrators approved by the production, to monitor physical distancing incidents and perform contact tracing, via the OPEN SET Administrative Dashboards.

2. OPEN SET staff, to support setup and train the health safety administrators, and assist in contact tracing in the event of any positive infection result or symptomatic behavior.

How long is the data stored on external servers?

30 days.  Data older than 30 days is automatically purged by OPEN Servers.

Are OPEN SET Devices collecting data outside the production set?

No.  OPEN SET Devices are leased to the production and should not leave the production set. If users do not take the Devices off the production set, they do not collect data outside the set.

Can someone on set opt-out of using OPEN SET Devices? 

Yes.  Contact tracing and physical distancing solutions are most effective when the majority (> 60%) of the people on set use OPEN SET Devices, where a community of people must collaborate together to reduce the spread of disease.  If a person on set does not wish to use an OPEN SET device, however, they have the ability to opt-out.

Can users opt-out of data being sent off of the device?

Yes.  Users who do not wish to transmit the data off the device can either not use the device or choose to delete the data (iPhone 11 Settings; Wristband long press for > 20seconds)

Can the data be used for any other reason other than COVID-19 Safety?

No. OPEN SET Agreements with Film/TV Production explicitly prohibit using the data for any other purpose other than to monitor physical distancing and perform contact tracing.

Can users delete the data held by servers?

Yes.  OPEN Set Application users can have their data be deleted from servers from the Settings tab.  OPEN Set Wristband users can also request their data be deleted from servers by emailing after a contact tracing request or by long press on the device.



Questions about privacy can be sent to All questions welcome!